Hybrid Pineapple Suckers Smooth Cayenne Species

Smooth Cayenne Pineapples are the variety that is usually found in the supermarkets. They have yellow flesh and orange rind and have high acid and juice content. Since its flesh has low fiber, it comprises of about 90% of the canned fruit in the world.


Temperature Range: 65 °F - 95 °F.
Rainfall: 60 cm/year (at regular intervals throughout the growing season).
Soil Type: Well-drained and acidic soil (4.5-5.5 pH).
Propagation: Crown, suckers and slips.
Flowering: Requires cooler temperatures.
Smooth Cayenne' are smooth and it is the most commonly grown worldwide... Neco Gce Runz 2021 

In short, this strain was developed for a target market looking for extra sweet fruit, uniform in size and ripeness. This has change the market for pineapple in Europe dramatically in the past years.

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